Nagymaros - Zebegény train replacement boat line


Train replacement boat line between Nagymaros and Zebegény

This line operates until 5th of July!



Train replacement boat line operates between Nagymaros and Zebegény, the schedule adjusts to the bus and train service.



Departs from Nagymaros:

from 07:05 to 22:05 in every hour in the 5th minute
Arrives in Zebegény: from 07:45 to 22:45 in every hour in the 45th minute


Departs from Zebegény: from 05:30 to 19:30 in every hour in the 30th minute
Arrives in Nagymaros: from 6:00 to 20.00 in every round hour


Keeping the above schedule, travel time lasts 30 minutes to Nagymaros, and 40 minutes to Zebegény. Capacity of the boat: 250 pax, there is possibility for bicycle delivery.

Free line! We are waiting also those, who would not travel to Budapest with MÁV month ticket, but would just like to cruise between Nagymaros - Zebegény.





We look forward to seeing you on board!