MAHART hydrofoil fleet


Large-sized passanger hydrofoil
3 passengerhalls, capacity: 112 (+5) passengers

The large-sized, 112-seat, twin-engine, highly wavestable Sólyom (Falcon) hydrofoil craft resembles an „airplane on the water” – comfortable passages, open side steppings, three large completely refurbished passenger halls – cruising speed 60 km/h (top speed rated at 65 km/h), on-board bar and GPS guided audio and visual guidenance. The hydrofoil vessel is ideal for longer cruises.



The in spring 2010. refurbished Sólyom meets the passenger transporting standerds of the 21st century: the air-conditioned and non-smoking passenger halls are equiped with LCD monitors, new sound, lighting and ventilation systems. The VIP cabin is equiped with an LCD srceen DVD device, minibar and is ideal up to 5 passengers. On the open side passageway we provide a smoking area. In the rear passenger hall the vessel has an exclusive bar.

The Sólyom type hydrofoil on duty in the international line is equiped with an uptodate, fully automatic life-saving defibrillator device, and with medicaments prepared by a doctor.



The large-sized "Meteor" type was in serial production since 1960 till 1994. The shipbuilding plants: "Krasnoje Sormovo" (N. Novgorod - Sovietunion/Russia), "Gorkij" (Zelenodolsk - Sovietunion/Russia) and Khabarovsk, along the river Amur were the main plants. Still in 2003 2 units were produced in the plant Khabarovsk for a shipping company in China. Maybe these 2 hydrofoils belong to the newer and modified type Meteor-2000.
About 29-31 units were exported, but maybe some other units were sold later to other countrys and operators.
Operators: Sovietunion, later Russia and some other successor states, China, Hungary (3), Slovakia (3), Holland, and many other countrys.

The type had 2 main engines made by Zvezda. In the most case the "Meteor" had two M400 engines, but some were equiped with two M417A. Both engine models had the same capacity of 1.000 HP (max. capacity 1.100 HP).
The top speed of a "Meteor" reaches 35,6 kns (66 km/h), the cruising speed is at 32 kns (60 km/h). The passenger capacity, depends on the model, was 112-123 pax. In the standard model the capacity was 123 pax (26 pax in the front hall, 46 pax in the middle passenger hall, 46 pax in the rear part of the ship, and 5 pax in a small-sized cabin).

The sea-going modell was the "Kometa", later the "Kometa-B", wich are very similar to the "Meteor", but with larger wings, bigger draught to manage the waves on coustal seas. Kometas were exported in large number, to China, Greece, Turkye. One unit was operated in France in the 80's.

Since 2001 the plant "Gorkij" produces the "Meteor-2000", wich is very similar to the "Meteor", but with an engine capacity of 2 x 1.270 HP and a top speed of 70 km/h, and air-conditioned passenger halls.

The MAHART, later the MAHART PassNave operated 3 units of the "Meteor" type since 1971: SÓLYOM I (1971-1997), SÓLYOM II (since 1990) and the SÓLYOM III /ex-Wilhelm Alexander from Holland/ (since 2003).




Type: METEOR (342, 342E) METEOR (342, 342E)
Buil: Sovjetunion - 1988 Russia - 1992
Overall lenght: 34,5 m 34,5 m
Overall beam:: 9,5 m 9,5 m
Draught:: 2,35 m 2,35 m
Draught (on wings): 1,20 m 1,20 m
Displacement: 37,2 tons 37,2 tons
Full displacement: 53,4 tons 53,4 tons
Main engines type: 2db Zvezda M400 2db Zvezda M401-A2
Characteristic of the engine: 12 cylinder mechanical charged diesel, 
62.400 ccm
12 cylinder turbo charged diesel, 
62.400 ccm
Main engines capacity: 1.000 LE 1.750 1/min 1.000 LE 1.500 1/min
Max. capacity: 1.100 LE 1.800 1/min 1.100 LE 1.600 1/min
Cruising speed: 60 km/h 60 km/h
Top speed: 66 km/h 66 km/h
Range: 600 km 650 km



Medium-sized passanger hydrofoil
2 passengerhalls, capacity: 71 passengers, all units overall renewaled in 2007

The medium-size Vöcsök-class hydrofoil boat, renovated early in 2007, is offering comfortable passenger areas (the central passenger compartment with its new side windows and the bow compartment with its panorama windows) and the real hydrofoil feeling with its traveling speed of 60 kilometers per hour and the way the waves play with it.
There is a canteen on deck, as well as restrooms for men and women in the stern section.



There is a new LCD display screen in the bow compartment, while in the central compartment, the earlier “light map” device has been replaced by an LCD TV set and two LCD displays. The image provided by the wide-angle lens in the camera installed in the bow of the boat, as well as data from the GPS system, is displayed on the LCD screens. Power plugs and computer links have been added to tables in the passenger compartment.

The walls and ceiling of the passenger areas are covered in decorative felt. To improve comfort in the bow compartment, modern and more comfortable seats have been installed (with the exception of Vöcsök III). The 4 two-seater and 3 three-seater ACCENT 220 sets are equipped with arm and leg rests and tables. Seats in the central compartment have received new covers.



The medium-sized "Voshod-2" type was in serial production since 1973/76 till 1992 in the Sovietunion (Ukraina) in the ukrainian shipbuilding plant Morye. App. 156 units were built for domestic market and for export. The "Voshod-2" has two Zvezda made M401A2 main engines with a capacity of 1.000 HP each. Today a modified version, the "Voshod-2M" (Russia) and the "Eurofoil" (Ukraina) types are in serial production. The "Voshod-2M" has two M419A main engines with 1.100 HP capacity each, the "Eurofoil" two MTU engines with app. 1070 HP each.
Operators: Russia, Ukraina, Canada (7 units), Vietnam (4 units), Hungary (3 units), Malaysia, Slovakia (1), Holland and some other countries.

The MAHART, later the MAHART PassNave operated 4 units of the type "Voszhod-2" since 1977: VÖCSÖK I (1977-2003), VÖCSÖK II since 1986, VÖCSÖK III since 1987, VÖCSÖK IV since 1987
In 2007 all units were overall renewaled and reconstructed by the MAHART PassNave.





Built: Sovjetunion - 1985 Sovjetunion - 1986
Renewaled: Hungary - 2007 Hungary- 2007
A hajó hossza: 27,6 m 27,6 m
Overall lenght: 6,2 m 6,2 m
Overall beam: 2,00 m 2,00 m
Draught (on wings): 1,10 m 1,10 m
Displacement: 21,06 tons 21,00 tons
Full displacement: 29,71 tons 29,65 tons
Fuel capacity: 1.400 kg 1.400 kg
Fresh water capacity: 130 liter 130 liter
Main engine type: 1db Zvezda M401-A3 1db Zvezda M401-A2
Engine characteristic: 12 cylinder TD 12 cylinder TD
  62.400 ccm 62.400 ccm
Capacity: 1.000 LE 1.500 1/min 1.000 LE 1.500 1/min
Max. capacity: 1.100 LE 1.600 1/min 1.100 LE 1.600 1/min
Cruising speed: 60 km/h 60 km/h
Top speed: 65 km/h 66 km/h
Range: 460 km 460 km




Small-sized passanger hydrofoil
1 passengerhall, capacity: 54 passengers, all units renewaled in 2008

The smallest hydrofoil with minimal sinkage offers a typical Danubian navigation experience. BÍBIC is ideal for shorter and medium long inland cruises – with its tight but exciting installation. There is onboard bar service, the hydrofoil has one closed passenger hall with large windows, its cruising speed is about 65-70 km/h.


Photos before renovation in 2008

In order to provide better ventilation in the passenger compartment, new extractor fans and intake ventilators have been installed. For increasing comfort, new lighting fixtures have been installed in the passenger compartment.
There are two new LCD display screens in the front part of the passenger compartment, while in the central part, there are two more LCD displays. The image provided by GPS navigation and the wide-angle lens in the camera installed in the bow of the boat, is displayed on the LCD screens.
The walls and ceiling of the passenger area is covered in decorative felt. The seats have received new covers.


BÍBIC II-2007.jpgA2008-BÍBIC-újbelső1.jpgA2008-BÍBIC-újbelső2.jpg


The "Polesye" type (Project 17091) was in serial production for domestic use since 1970 till the 90's in the shipbuilding plant Gomel, in Belorussia. More then 100 vessels have been built. The cruising speed of the "Polesye" is 36 kns (60 km/h) and the passenger capacity 53 pax. 

The MAHART, later the MAHART PassNave operated 4 units since 1992: BÍBIC I (1992-), BÍBIC II (1992-), BÍBIC III (1993-), BÍBIC IV (1993-). The passenger capacity of the Bíbic units were 44 pax till 2006, after this year the capacity rises up to 54 pax (no luggage storage on board). The Bíbic III was reconstructed and overall renewaled in 2006, renamed to Bíbic III Business Class. The unit has a passenger capacity of 26 pax, GPS navigation system and is used primary for inland charter. The other three Bíbic untis - renewaled in 2008 - are used in domestic scheduled lines.





Built: Gomel, Belorussia
Gomel, Belorussia
Renewaled: Hungary - 2008 Hungary - 2008
Overall lenght: 21,3 m 21,3 m
Overall beam: 5,0 m 5,0 m
Draught: 1,03 m 1,03 m
Draught (on wings): 0,40 m 0,40 m
Displacement: 14,97 tons 14,97 tons
Full displacement: 21,63 tons 21,63 tons
Fuel capacity: 1.070 kg 1.070 kg
Fresh water capacity: 100 liter 100 liter
Main engine type: 1db Zvezda M401-A2 1db Zvezda M401-A2
Engine characteristic: 12 cylinder TD 12 cylinder TD
  62.400 ccm 62.400 ccm
Capacity: 1.000 LE 1.500 1/min 1.000 LE 1.500 1/min
Max. capacity: 1.100 LE 1.600 1/min 1.100 LE 1.600 1/min
Cruising speed: 65 km/h 65 km/h
Top speed: 70 km/h 70 km/h
Range: 400 km 400 km