Passenger information


Special safety regulations on MAHART PASSNAVE boats!


General rules


- The capacity of our boats has been reduced in order to ensure a safe distance of 1,5 m according to the following:

  • In case of DUNA CORSO sightseeing cruise - max. 70 people
  • In case of EXCURSION BOATS in the Danube Bend - max. 125 people

- Before boarding, every boat undergo in all cases a rigorous disinfection and cleaning process, boarding is not allowed before the above process is completed.

- The staff cleans and disinfects all public traffic areas, including wet rooms, before each departure.

- All passengers and crew members (including catering staff) on board must wear a mask during the cruise! - If you do not have a mask, you can buy it in all our (open) ticket offices for 500,- HUF/pc.

- Before boarding in all cases the use of pre-installed hand sanitizer is mandatory. Disinfectant dispenser can be found in a minimum of 3 places on board (1-1 at the bathroom, 1 in the cabin).

- Flyers, on-board magazines and other printed publications on board will not be handed out.


Ticket purchase


- Please buy your ticket online safely without standing in line, print your E-ticket (or download it to your phone).

- If possible, please use a credit card when paying at the ticket office and at the ticket machine.After each use, terminals, cash desk and cashier window are disinfected. The safe distance of 1.5 from other passenger must be kept also here, which is marked with a pre-painted line.

- The cashier and the members of the information staff are also required to wear a face mask and rubber gloves. 


During the cruise


- In all cases, keep a safe distance of 1.5 m from other passengers and from the staff.

- Please use the pre-installed hand sanitizers at the time of entering the board and during travel!

- If possible, please use on board of DUNA CORSO sightseeing cruise your own earphone. Of course, pre-disinfected earphones are also available.

- Please wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth.


Look out for each other!


Dear Passangers!

Due to the recent epidemiological situation Mahart Passnave Shipping Company were cancelled all scheduled boats for the next notice. This provision applies to all sightseeing cruises in Budapest, domestic hydrofoil flights and Visegrád cruises.

Our ticket offices are kept CLOSED, and webshop sales are not possible indefinitely!

Thank you for your understanding.