Passenger information


Special safety regulations on MAHART PASSNAVE boats!


General rules


- The capacity of our boats has been reduced in order to ensure a safe distance of 1,5 m according to the following:

  • In case of DUNA CORSO sightseeing cruise - max. 70 people
  • In case of EXCURSION BOATS in the Danube Bend - max. 125 people
- Before boarding in every case a body temperature check is performed.

- Before boarding, every boat undergo in all cases a rigorous disinfection and cleaning process, boarding is not allowed before the above process is completed.

- All passengers and crew members (including catering staff) on board must wear a mask during the cruise! - If you do not have a mask, you can buy it in all our (open) ticket offices for 500,- HUF/pc.

- Before boarding in all cases the use of pre-installed hand sanitizer is mandatory. Disinfectant dispenser can be found in a minimum of 3 places on board.

- Flyers, on-board magazines and other printed publications on board will not be handed out.


Ticket purchase


- Please buy your ticket online safely without standing in line, print your E-ticket (or download it to your phone).

- If possible, please use a credit card when paying at the ticket office and at the ticket machine. The safe distance from other passenger must be kept also here, which is marked with a pre-painted line.


During the cruise


- In all cases, keep a safe distance from other passengers and from the staff.

- Please use the pre-installed hand sanitizers at the time of entering the board and during travel!

- If possible, please use on board of DUNA CORSO sightseeing cruise your own earphone. Of course, pre-disinfected earphones are also available.

- Please wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth.


Look out for each other!