Medium-sized passanger hydrofoil
2 passengerhalls, capacity: 71 passengers, all units overall renewaled in 2007

The medium-size Vöcsök-class hydrofoil boat, renovated early in 2007, is offering comfortable passenger areas (the central passenger compartment with its new side windows and the bow compartment with its panorama windows) and the real hydrofoil feeling with its traveling speed of 60 kilometers per hour and the way the waves play with it.
There is a canteen on deck, as well as restrooms for men and women in the stern section.




In order to provide better ventilation in the passenger compartment, an extractor fan and an intake ventilator have been installed in the bow compartment and two extractors and four intake fans in the central compartment.

For increasing comfort, 19 new 2x18W lighting fixtures have been installed in the rewired passenger compartment. The all-new PA system consists of 12 speakers, two 50W passive volume control units and a microphone.

Renewaled: 2007
Overall lenght: 27,60 m
Overall beam: 6,20 m
Cruising speed: 60-65 km/h
Number of cabins: 2
Passanger capacity: 71 pax
LCD tv/monitor: 3 + 1 LCD Tv
DVD/audiosystem: +
Airconditional: -
Ventilation system: +
Smoking area: -

There is a new LCD display screen in the bow compartment, while in the central compartment, the earlier “light map” device has been replaced by an LCD TV set and two LCD displays. The image provided by the wide-angle lens in the camera installed in the bow of the boat, as well as data from the GPS system, is displayed on the LCD screens. Power plugs and computer links have been added to tables in the passenger compartment.



The walls and ceiling of the passenger areas are covered in decorative felt. To improve comfort in the bow compartment, modern and more comfortable seats have been installed (with the exception of Vöcsök III). The 4 two-seater and 3 three-seater ACCENT 220 sets are equipped with arm and leg rests and tables. Seats in the central compartment have received new covers.

VIENNA 2 x 282 km 1.725.000,-
BRATISLAVA 2 x 222 km 1.438.000,-
KOMÁROM 2 x 121 km 689.000,-
ESZTERGOM 2 x 73 km 402.000,-
NAGYMAROS 2 x 49 km 287.000,-
VISEGRÁD 2 x 47 km 287.000,-
VÁC 2 x 34 km 229.000,-
SZENTENDRE 2 x 22 km -
SZÁZHALOMBATTA 2 x 25 km 229.000,-
SOLT 2 x 88 km 402.000,-
PAKS 2 x 115 km 574.000,-
KALOCSA 2 x 130 km 747.000,-
BAJA 2 x 167 km 862.000,-
MOHÁCS 2 x 199 km 1.034.000,-

The charter fee does not include the 27% V.A.T.!

In ports not operated by MAHART PassNave Ltd. extra fees are to be paid.



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