Hunyadi riverboat



Large-sized riverboat, built: 1966 in Hungary


This large cruise and event boat, anchored at the Pest foot of the Chain Bridge, can accommodate up to 600 passengers, a capacity largely influenced on the weather as a significant part of the MS Hunyadi is occupied by the open deck with its panorama glass walls inherent in its cruise boat status, in addition to the enclosed restaurant spaces better suited to events. The huge open deck offers a memorable trip in the spring, the summer and the autumn as well.
Like all other boats in the MAHART fleet, the Hunyadi is blue and white on the outside, while the interior is dominated by blue and the beige wood paneling. There are two separate restaurants on the lower deck. The front section is finished in the blue-grey colors characteristic of the entire boat, both in upholstery and draperies, while the restaurant in the stern of the boat is in softer orange and brown colors.

A2008-Hunyadi1.jpgHunyadi és Vöcsök.jpg


It is the huge open deck areas mentioned above that make the Hunyadi a prime choice for a really memorable event or trip. The glass walls of the bow compartment offer the illusion of boundless freedom, probably even making passengers forget about the boat between them and the Danube. Up front it is the glass walls, while in the back it is the bar area and its beer tap that can make the cruise even more pleasant.

In addition to the upper deck, passengers on the Hunyadi can also opt to use the lower sightseeing section to get a view of the panorama from a vantage point even closer to the water as the boat enters the Danube bend on its way to Esztergom or Visegrád.
As on all larger boats of MAHART PassNave, the Hunyadi has also been made accessible to handicapped passengers, who can now use a separate washroom right next to the entrance.
The technical equipment is well suited for the requirements of events held on board and includes an amplifier, CD player, an audio mixer and a microphone.

Stern restaurant on the main deck
Bow restaurant on the main deck
Main deck stern
Upper deck
Upper deck bow terrace
Maximum capacity of the boat


Fee per hour: 120.000,- HUF + 27% VAT
Fee of waiting per hour 60.000,- HUF + 27% VAT
Budapest - Esztergom - Budapest: 878.000,- HUF + 27% VAT
Budapest - Visegrád - Budapest: 548.000,- HUF + 27% VAT
Budapest - Nagymaros - Budapest: 548.000,- HUF + 27% VAT
Budapest - Vác - Budapest: 438.000,- HUF + 27% VAT
Budapest - Szentendre - Budapest: 328.000,- HUF + 27% VAT







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