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Organizing events on boatshas been a growing branch of our business for the past ten years and is now one of the main activities of MAHART PassNave besides scheduled passenger shipping. 

MAHART PassNave accommodates conferences, press conferences, protocol and private events, receptions held by business enterprises, tourism agencies and their partners and optional programs, also offering custom site management opportunities to enable customers to organize memorable events that nobody will forget. Our nine hydrofoils and 18 traditional boats of various sizes and capacities offer high-level catering as well as other special services required by these events.

MAHART PassNave has organized a high number of outstanding events in past years. These included conferences, press conferences, receptions by business enterprises such as the Bank of China or Johnson & Johnson, and state protocol events, during which we were able to welcome UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Elizabeth II, Queen of England, the king of Malaysia and his family and in 2007, King of Spain Juan Carlos I, the Speaker of the Chinese Parliament and the President of Kazahstan. 

While our large event boats have a capacity of 80 to 220 and are ideal for major receptions, weddings and other private or corporate events, our smaller boats are more suited to hosting smaller, more intimate gatherings of 20 to 80 people. The youngest and also the biggest member of our fleet, the Budapest Conference Boat, has special equipment that makes it an ideal location for trade conferences and professional meetings. 
Depending on the needs of our customers, the boat can host seated, buffet or standing receptions as well as cocktail parties. 

The catering department and event organization staff of MAHART PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd. can provide assistance in issues including obtaining price quotes, compiling menus, taking care of decoration and technical equipment and arranging a band as required by the customer, utilizing their contacts and experience in the field amassed during the past several years.

The experience MAHART PassNave obtained during organizing events in recent years guarantees the perfect execution of any occasion. Taking the diverse individual requests into account, we can say that MAHART PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd. has "a solution for every occasion".

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