Budapest event boat

Main deck, the spacious, undivided interior of the closed, air-conditioned room is ideally suited for conferences, presentations, exhibitions, performances or weddings, depending on seating configuration. Also downstairs, a professional kitchen offers catering opportunities for all possible demands.

The deck of the Budapest boat has been rebuilt for full accessibility in recent years, adding special washrooms for the comfort of our handicapped passengers and also an elevator for easier access to the lower level.


 Upper deck, the terrace divides the boat into three distinct parts: a spacious restaurant ideal for various events, a winter garden with heating in the winter and with sliding glass walls that can be opened in warm weather, and the open terrace itself, which can make the stay on the boat really pleasant.

The boat modern elegance in design makes the boat ideal for receiving and entertaining high-ranking guests or holding conferences, as well as for splendid weddings, while the exclusive bar corners on both levels contribute to making events held on the Budapest boat truly unique and memorable.

The technical equipment of the boat includes all audio-visual devices required for trade conferences, presentations and meetings. The boat is equipped with a conference-grade audio system and two projectors, as well as three handheld microphones, two wireless mobile microphones, a 12-channel mixer, a DVD/CD changer with five slots, tri-lingual simultaneous interpreter equipment with infra-red receivers for 98 people. The above technology is complemented on demand with separate sound systems on both decks or a closed-circuit TV system offering per-level projection. We do not charge extra for using the technical equipment on the boat, provided no technical assistance is required for their operation.


MS BUDAPEST - Capacity* depending on type of event:
Type of event
Main deck
Upper deck
Winter garden
without terrace and
Sit-down buffet reception
42 20
Sit-down buffet reception
with band and dance floor
100 42 20
Round tables**
42 20
Theater configuration
42 20 272
Standing reception**

*The types listed are for information purposes only. Actual maximum capacity is determined by the exact type of event.
** on extra order only, not included in the fee!

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Dear Passangers!

Due to the recent epidemiological situation Mahart Passnave Shipping Company were cancelled all scheduled boats for the next notice. This provision applies to all sightseeing cruises in Budapest, domestic hydrofoil flights and Visegrád cruises.

Our ticket offices are kept CLOSED, and webshop sales are not possible indefinitely!

Thank you for your understanding.