Boat rental on Visegrád


Medium-sized riverboats for events and charter
Year of building: 1979 
All units renewalled 


The medium-sized riverboats with a capacity of 80 people are especially suitable for smaller meetings, receptions and wedding parties. Party service with catering is provided on demand.

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Hourly fee in Visegrád:  
 1st of May - 30th of September 60.000,- HUF + VAT
Fee of waiting time 1st of May - 30th of September 30.000,- HUF + VAT
Destination fee from Visegrád:  
Visegrád - Esztergom - Visegrád: 240.000,- HUF + VAT
Visegrád - Vác - Visegrád: 125.000,- HUF + VAT
Visegrád - Szentendre - Visegrád: 170.000,- HUF + VAT
Visegrád - Budapest - Visegrád: 320.000,- HUF + VAT
Visegrád - Nagymaros - Visegrád 30.000,- HUF + VAT

Fees above do not include VAT. Level of VAT 27%.

In case of other destinations the price will be calculated individual.

In case of using foreign ports, port fee and mooring fee are charged as separate items.

Prices always include round trip.

Prices include 2 hours of free waiting time and + 2 x 0,5 hour of embarkation and disembarkation.

We charge a fee of HUF 30.000 + VAT for each additional hour started between 1st of May and 30th of September.

CONTACT: 06/-1-484-4014




Built: 1979
Max. number of passangers: 150 pax
Max. restaurant capacity: 50 pax
Heating system: electrical air heating + air conditioned
Electricity:: 220V and 380V




Telefon: +36/1-484-4014 (Éva Szunyogné Puskás)
(Sales Budapest)





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