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Evening cruise with dinner

EVENING CRUISE with dinner and live music
Vigado Square Ship Station on 16, 22, 29th APRIL
1st MAY - 23th SEPTEMBER, from Tuesday to Saturday, + 1st MAY, + 5th JUNE
29th SEPTEMBER - 28thOCTOBER, every Friday and Saturday

30th OCTOBER- 16th DECEMBER, every Saturday

CHECK-IN/Vigadó Square, pier no. 6: 19:00
ARRIVAL - Vigadó Square, pier no. 6 22:00
 The liner does not operate off the above mentioned periodes.
PRICES (HUF/person)
ADULT 10 500
CHILDREN (2-14 years) 5 000
Under 2 years FREE
HUNGARY CARD (Tuesday-Friday) - 20%

About the programe

During the Evening cruise with dinner and dance our guests have the opportunity to see the capital’s inshore spectacles. The Rákóczi boat (sometimes Budapest boat) departs from Vigadó square, from where it cruises first north, to the Margaret Bridge and then south until the Rákóczi (Lágymányosi) Bridge, where it turns back to moor again at the Vigadó Square Ship Station. The live music is provided by "Beatangok" Band, from Tuesday to Thursday and every Friday and Saturday by the "Andromeda" band.




The price of the ticket includes the boat ticket, a welcome drink, the buffet-table dinner and live music. The bar on board serves a wide variety of drinks (not included in the price).










Cold Hungarian platter

Poultry galantine variations

Hungarian cheese selection


Greek salad

Sweet-corn salad with mayonnaise

Fresh mixed green salads with different kinds of dressings

Home made pickles and other kinds of condiments


Traditional goulash soup

Cold fruit soup


Grilled chicken leg with roasted potato hash

Pork stew with egg barley

Stuffed cabbage Transylvanian style with smoked pork trotters

Baked pork slices with garlic, served with semi-mashed potatoes with baked onion and served with red cabbage flavoured with champagne

Penne with cremy mushroom served with Parmesan cheese chips

Deep-fried seafish fillet served with steamed jasmin rice

Grilled vegetables


Mini desser variations

Home made strudel variations

Seasonal fruit selection




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Budapest, Vigadó Square Ship Station
Phone:(+36-1) 484-4013 (Information)
Fax: (+36-1) 266-4201 (Sales)
E-mail: sales@mahartpassnave.hu




Rights for fee and interseasonal changes reserved! 

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